Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Xanga . . .

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later all.

Friday, October 22, 2004

BEAN town . . . .

Okay, im not really sure what went on with that whole Yankees and Sox Series. Im not really a Yankees fan, however they are one of my favorite teams. Im actually a Mets fan who enjoys watching the Yanks when the Mets are not on.

However, there is one reason why I am happy that the Sox won this round . . . and it has to do with Pedro. Pedro is a great pitcher, thats for sure. However he is a little dirty when it comes to hitting batters. Hitting Cairo after letting up 2 runs...come on . .. thats a but fishey.

He has been doing that his enitre career which is probably why he ran to the American League . . . that wimp.

Im glad that the Sox are going to the World Series because that means that Pedro will get a taste of his own sticken bean work.

Later all!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The land of Japan . . .


So I into this store to purchase some things to work on my condo. I decide to take advantage of the Credit program in which you get no finance charges and no payments till spring. What a deal. So I head to the desk to sign up for this glorious credit plan.

So the guy who who is at the desk hands me the paper work and off I go. Writing down all me personal information. As I am doing this, the guys asks me...."Are you Asian"?

Well the obvious (just trust me) answer to this is, Yes, of course. He then tells me that he has a girlfriend from the Japan. In fact, he goes on to tell me that he writes not only her, but many beautiful women from Japan. One could only wonder.

Without even asking, he tells me more. Apparently he signed up for this program in which you can find your true love in Japan for a fee. They will enable the two of you to write back and forth to each other (as many women as you want) for the mere cost of, get this, $3,600. What a deal huh? As I stand in amazement (that someone would tell me all this) he says the best part is that you get a free plane ticket and hotel room for 8 nights in this package.

FREE? I dont think so. I couldnt help but to laugh a bit at what this man was telling me. However as time went on (and trust me, it did) I laughed at him less and less. I noticed that he was serious into this and that he felt his true love was waiting for him in Japan. He just to write to all these women to find her.

How similar is that to what we try to do in spreading the gospel. Even though we believe, one has to understand how our story sounds crazy. A man thousands of years ago, came to earth from God, and died on the cross for our sins? On top of that, this story was written in the same book where a little boy defeats a giant, a small group of people destroy a wall from walking around it, and a man gets swallowed by a large fish and lived to tell about it. People laugh on the inside wondering what in the world we are speaking of.

Then things start to change. These people start to relize that we are serious and in effect start to take us a bit more serious. One can only hope that this is becomes the case. The best part of the deal, we try to explain, is that all of this is for FREE!!!

Whatever happens to you, dont let the laughter discourage you. Go out and spread the word like we were told to do in Acts. Make a difference in this world, no matter what others think.

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